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Full Service Plant Propagation

Collecting Cuttings/Scions!

Collecting cuttings can take 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on how many varieties/cultivars you would like to propagate. We prefer to take large cuts when possible to reduce drying out during transportation and will prune the limbs into manageable cuttings when we are back at our nursery.

Storing in Proper Medium!

Storing and preserving your cuttings in the proper rooting medium will set your cutting up for success. Rooting can take 4-12 months depending on the type of cutting and the variety of the plant. For grafted trees and shrubs, we plan to deliver your plants back 5 weeks after the scion wood has been grafted to the rootstock.

Delivery of New Plants!

Delivery of your new plants will be aranged with a tentative date when we collect your cuttings and confirmed approximately 2 weeks before the original tentative date. This will allow sufficient time to prep your new plants for transportation and allow you to prep your nursery or land.

About Us

At Land Genics we're committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services possible. Our goal is to provide a cost effective means of multiplying your crops and plants. We provide a way to take the genetics of plants and trees and plant them at your new home. Whether you just want to give a family a gift that they'll remember forever or you want to start your own orchard, we can help. We specialize in taking the best cuttings from plants and trees and propagating them into healthy plants ready to be delivered right to your door.